The Bankruptcy of Philosophy

Stephen C. Rose
Nov 17, 2015 · 3 min read

We are free after all this time to suggest that philosophy that is not general and universal has no serious utility for human beings. It is bankrupt.

Triadic Philosophy consists of statements that, taken together, provide a roadmap for living. It is a fountain of wealth for human beings.

Human beings must be able to situate huge universals within the realm of consciousness. Among these: freedom, reason and logic, thought, action and a capacity to say what is good and what is not.

Most philosophy is hid from even the educated reader. Locked into its own forms of obscurantism. What is not hidden is passed on as thought which may or may not be germane but which is conspicuous in avoiding the minds of all but a few.

But no one does more thinking in a day than anybody. And I mean anybody. Age, sex, any possible permutation. All people. Brains are at work.

And the initial question of philosophy must be: Is there anything common in all this?

And the commonality is perceived, reasonably, to be life. We are life.

And then this is my body. And this is my perceiving.

Look there is more. Others. Movement. And so forth and so on.

Then we are aware, logically, of freedom.

The touch of the hot surface. Ouch. Pulling back. Learning.

Freedom is the activity of choosing. Some choices are more free than others. But we all possess freedom. We choose right or wrong constantly.

I shall not continue here save to assert that we need to provide reasons to explain the logic of things. This explaining, this achievement of meaning and understanding, is the work of consciousness. We are consciousness bearers. And philosophy is the way we think.

If we learn to think of tall people as our enemy we will be illogical and unreasonable. But many contexts of learning are no less silly.

Philosophies that tend in the direction of unreason generally see only two sides to anything. They think in binary terms.

Just as flawed is thought that is partial. Literally built on understandings that do not take the whole into consideration, operating on this or that theory or idea or understanding.

Triadic Philosophy insists that a simple method suffices to set all thought on a useful path.

Achieve consciousness.

What is your reality now?

Submit it to ethics.

Relate it to tolerance, helpfulness, democracy.

Think of truth and beauty as a unity.

Imagine someone telling you what all this means.

Then ask yourself if there is an expression for what you have considered.

Is there an action it might lead to.

End of consideration.

What you have done is consider that the aim of life relates to values and that the achievement of justice and goodness is a universal aim

This philosophy is capable of moving the world from its binary, conflicted past to a future based on reason and thoughtfulness.

Peirce: CP 2.13 Cross-Ref:††

13. Our physical science, whatever extravagant historicists may say, seems to have sprung up uncaused except by man’s intelligence and nature’s intelligibility, which never could before be operative because it was not studied minutely. But modern philosophy had no such divine birth. On the contrary, it pays the usual tax upon inheritances from revolutions. It was the product of a double and triple revolution — the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Copernican revolution. It was, from the first, committed to a vendetta against all exact thinking and all punctual discussion. It has been a derelict on a vast ocean of surmise, drifting hither and thither, driven by storms, wrecked, shattered, its pieces dispersed even to opposite poles. Jetsam only is now occasionally cast up on the beaches of solid science, fraught with no cargo of wisdom except the one sad lesson of the issues of loose thinking.

Stephen C. Rose is the author of Triadic Philosophy . He writes daily on Medium . His books are available on Kindle . Twitter is the center of his activities online.

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