Are you “huge” enough to not tip while the barista is watching over your finger swipes?

— — the greatest invention in post-modernity?

the swivel-tipping payment screen the coffee clerk moves to you when you’ve ordered your sweet hydration for the day. Tilted just at the degree where you feel like she can see the amount you add, even though you can’t confidently prove it.

what a wonder shame works at making her money, her boss money, the owner of the company money, and the inventor of the square type device their nice cut as well.

i’ve polled many servers at such establishment who say they make 30$ plus an hour since this invention.

not to steal anybody’s desire to build a savings account, but must we shame each other like mannequin bullies in order to accomplish it?

think i’m crazy?

then i dare you to not tip (or tip a quarter) on the gymnastic little credit card device, just to show you are nobody’s caffeinated chump.

my secret goal? to shame the companies who use this tactic back into letting you simply pay the 8fold fare for a cup of joe which was once a much more dignified form of highway robbery.

join me?

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