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Everything Comes



The spirit, or deeper mind, which nourishes a number of journeying souls with its light is a thought of God. This thought is individualised, but not in the human sense. It is individual in that it has a certain apartness from its Creator, the apartness of the created thing from the One who gave it life. — F. W. H. Myers


We can never plumb the great Beyond

F. W. H. Myers among us

Years beyond his death he tried and failed

No one discerns the full reality

But Myers told us things we need to know

And each attempt adds to the fund of truth


Here Myers gives Spirit a primal place

Spirit is God’s very thought, the deeper mind

Spirit feeds us all, our very Souls

Spirit is the means by which we all progress


Spirit from the deepest mind there is

The thought that comes to everyone from God

Take a good breath and you will take it in

Take a good turn and let new life begin


Created life, our journey’s starting point

It’s not the end, but it can take us there

“There” is where we most supremely are

Merged with God and merged with all that is



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