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The Doubling of Time Revisited


Jean-Pierre Garnier-Malet is a man after my own heart. He is the originator of the idea that we live on the basis of the doubling of time. This doubling involves thoughts that derive, it seems, from much of the early thinking around quantum physics.

Unfortunately, his work is largely unavailable in English. In fact, there is but one paperback which mingles scientific and New Age ideas. There is genius there but grasping his thinking remains elusive.

I have grasped enough to agree strongly with what I take to be its premise while keeping an open mind regarding the suppositions that surround it. I believe quantum can act within us to enable a look into the future and get back to us. But I do not think it requires that we see ourselves as having a double.


I have done Garnier-Malet a disservice by suggesting that his thought involves only doubling. It involves the premise that our time is delivered in discrete units that are intersected. A minuscule opening enables communication with the memory of our own future.

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