Everything Comes
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Everything Comes

C. S. Peirce


Have I caught your eye

I thought I might

Knowing how things go

The Distraction Wheel

As we speak

You can almost hear it

Rending morning quietness


The Next Big Crime

Distraction’s theme

Will soon unveil

The Master Class

Barely must try

We’re so inured

To its soft cadences

We accept its pace

It seems so true


Sure crimes are real

Their frequency


The Masters’ wisdom


We refuse to think beyond

The negative horizon

Why should we

After all

Look what they just did


But those who know

The underlying truth

Know the Masters’

Simple ways

Oh yes, they care

As much as we

But they are

Our Reality

They build the lethal death machines

With the money we contributed

They simply nod as new crimes mount

Unless their boundaries are breached

And then they have to show their stuff

And propagate a crime that

Gambles slightly with their


Such are the times when we are wise

To be in voice

And sing a song that shakes

Things up a bit

Yes, even Master Classes have

To work sometimes

And we are given a window

Through which

If we look sharply

Our true purpose

Is revealed



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