Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


There is no objective hell

But hell is very real when fear and anger grip us

Recurrent omnipresence of imagined demons

Is imagination’s reality show

No more real than Trump on The Apprentice

Hell is no more real except for those who labor to

Ensure it stays in place as our demonic state of being


At all depends upon our point of view

Say it, make it rule and it will be

Refuse to let it go and it will stay

Show all the figments of your addled mind

Draw us the narratives of doom

So no

Hell is as real to everyone who yields

To everyone who is delivered to eil


And just as easily is delivered

To mystical immersion in seraphic wonder

Or control of emotions

Or reflection on the way of things

Or by a jolt of saving truth

Or maybe meeting guidance within us

There are a thousand ways of waking up


Institutions are chock full of souls in thrall to demons

Heaven disabuses all of us in time

Or we learn to do the job ourselves

For after all the final truth is dignity

The power of inner freedom to

Decide decide was and is and will be


Heaven always is the better way

Wherewith Triadic Philosophy proclaims

Reality Is All



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