Why It’s OK to Show Your Anger
Mark Suster

There are two things we need to see about Hillary if she is to win.

First she has an imperious streak that s about 100x LESS dangerous than Trump’s ambient temperament. It was this that gave her a sense of being privileged to play loose or pull rank at various points in her career — email travelmess.

Second, she will be BETTER than Obama because she is the better DOER. I could say more but unless these two points are accepted she will not overcome.

People want a change. She IS the change. But we have to see it and say it. Trump is a nauseating nightmare waiting to drive us crazy for 4our horrible years. And the people that see him as change are free to cherry pick among his promises and indulge their Dorothy-Wizard illusions but the result will be just what it has been for everyone who has ever trusted him and been bilked, sued or otherwise woken up.

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