Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


Yes I’ll tell you

About a Mary few have known

You’ll find her frequency

Near where the Pyrenees rise

In the South of France

Where Cathars once

Lived and died


There is one tradition

That suggests

This Mary

(Of Magdala)

Was present at the tomb

After Jesus body had departed


That the two had been married


That she became a leader of the disciples


That she incurred the enmity of Peter


Subsequently escaped to the region I have mentioned


There is an addition to this that I incline to

Jesus did not die on the cross

He lived on

He had a near death experience

By the time his body

Was removed from the tomb

He and Mary and their children

Were already aiming

For this part of France


Having digested this

We see that

Mary was not exactly who we may have thought

She was Jesus’ equal

His Soul Mate

They were and are Souls just like us


I said I would tell you about her

I don’t know much

But I sense that accepting her true importance

Is a first step in arriving at some evolving ideas

Of what a narration like this might become

I see both her and Jesus as contemporary with us

And as who they were back then

And as who they will be as we move ahead



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