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Everything Comes


This is a supplement to the third installment which describes the arrival on Earth of Black and Yellow Races from the Planet Bakaratini .

The Thiaoouba Prophecy tells us that our cosmos is populated by planets which are essentially humanoid. It suggests that these populated planets evolve over time. both spiritually and materially. Many, if not all, planets arrive at a stage when their technologies include awareness of Atomic Energy. The populations that eventually migrated to Earth as our first human beings were survivors of an almost total loss of lives due to a Nuclear War. So we can infer that all human beings quite easily yield to the temptations of Nuclear conflict.

We also learn that Thiaoouba came to the aid of the sparsely populated Bakaratini when the two races had dwindled to barely enough to populate a village. Help came in the immediate furnishing of the planet with plants and animals. Within 150 years the Bakaratini population had grown to the point that it could emigrate and develop successful communities On Earth.

The pattern of destruction by Nuclear War and assistance in recovering over time was not unique. Universal Law, according to The Thiaoouba Prophecy limits the help that can be given. Just enough to enable people to help themselves. Anything more than that induces dependency and a refusal to work. Universal Law also adheres to the primacy of free will in every human being.

It can also be said that prior to the Nuclear War the continent had known a very long period of amicable relations between its Black and Yellow occupants.

It seems to me of great significance that Thiaoouba leaves us with the strong impression that we live in a planetary polity. In our galaxy there are nine inhabited planets which are rated according to spiritual advancement. It is also obvious that spiritual advancement and technology go hand in hand. Earth’s apace capacities are primitive. On most planets ecological travel is assured by use of hydrogen fuel and anti-gravity capacities which enable flying, with simple controls that render our air industry quite primitive.

Our planetary polity is linked to what I take to be the existence of Heaven. At Heaven’s center is the Creator Mind, Source, or One who initiated the Universe with the Big Bang. I have inferred that Heaven’s capacities are lavished on Thiaoouba (including the capacity to generate life and help planets do away with forces that are conspicuously harmful).

Thiaoouba’s technology dwarfs ours. It rests on a universal spirituality which suggests that the residents of this Ninth Level Planet can, if they wish, elect to move directly to the dimensions of Heaven which enable merger with the Holy Creator of All. The number of lives we must live to arrive at this ultimate stage can be inferred by the fact that Michel Desmarquet had reached 90 lives when he passed in 2017. The shortest route would be that of a Soul who devoted each life lived to unswerving intention to practice unconditional love and devotion to the unbreakable Laws of the Universe.



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