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Thiaoouba: Possible Limits on Space Travel

I have probably raised some eyebrows with recent posts related to Thiaoouba . This is because I only recently discovered the book “The Thiaoouba Prophecy” by the late Michel Desmarquet. Reading the book, I felt I was filling out a huge area of what I take the be our Universe. My eyes opened to a universe of many, many galaxies, each having nine inhabited planets, categorized according to the spiritual development of the residents of each of the nine.

The most highly developed inhabited planets function with no need for money and use no violence to resolve disputes. Nature provides most material needs and advance technology enables the creation of all building projects at no cost.

Thiaoouba is a 9th Category Planet in our Galaxy. We are, precariously, in the first position. Earth technology is used destructively. Our failure to place priority on spiritual development is fatal for our future. I am well versed in current spiritual efforts. The reality that is Thiaoouba neccessitates a revolution in our declension of truth. Can I prove this? No more than Michel Desmarquet proved his nine day sojourn on Thiaoouba. The proof lies in the logic and veracity we infer from the information we process from our own encounter. I bring to this my limited skills and preoccupations, my background in theology and my intention to integrate knowledge derived from Thiaoouba and my sense of both Earth and Heavenly domains.

This post, following this introduction, will suggest reasons why contact with other inhabited planets may be problematic on earth.

First, and the most obvious, is that any attention to our official dealings with space visitors risk violent encounters. My own country, the US, has taken no steps to let visitors know they will be welcome. The reactions of ordinary Americans to visits has been mixed. Many who have invested in understanding visitors agree the Governments of the World are hardly friendly.

Secondly, Michel Desmarquet’s voyage to Thiaoouba took four days each way. The middle two days was a form of transit they called “trans-substantiation”. This can only be a heavenly means, outside of conventional space-time. The fact that even this mode, hard to accept. took two days going and coming, suggest the immensity of getting from one planet to another.

Finally, we know that there has been space travel to and from Earth. There have been migrations whenever a planet was cooling down and becoming unlivable. There are capabilities for space travel in our neighborhood. But when we think if visiting the far end of the galaxy, that is not presently in the cards.

We are best advised to meditate on the prospect that we live in a residential universe and that our reincarnations and advances may well be achieved on inhabited planets. We can be happy to know that advancement leads us to the levels of awareness and skill that we associate with the Highest Dimensions of Heaven.



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