This prayer business was big from “The Adventures of the Boy Jesus.”


Jesus was still flooded with thoughts but he was discovering new things. For example, he saw that when he said, ‘Cancel my debts’, he was in effect ordering Abba, asking Abba to serve him. Abba could cancel debts!

He said it over and over, sort of a sing-song. Even so, it injected energy into him. It lifted him.

Then came the rest of the prayer: ‘I cancel everything owed me.’

It meant Jesus had no claim on anyone. No one owed him a thing. Resentments were canceled. Slights wiped from the slate. He held nothing against anyone. Weights lifted.

He cancelled everything. And if he could do it, Abba could too.

“Cancel my debts,” he said. “I cancel everything owed me.” He said it again and again.

He did not know what he was owed. Whatever it was, he cancelled it. Whatever negative thought anyone had had of him. Titters from groups. Complaints. One time he was almost in a fight. He was hit once. Cancelled.

Jesus thought this had to be a mutual prayer to work. Abba cancels debts if you cancel what’s owed you.

Every day is new. Abba said it: “Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.”

But what about real debts? Money? Jesus’ father borrowed to build a stall and buy a cow. He worked every day to pay it off. The man he borrowed from was not about to cancel. Joseph would object if he did.

Jesus repeated the prayer. He used other prayers as well. “Thank you, Abba. Help me, Abba. Be with me, Abba.” Did Abba hear? Jesus knew the answer. Yes. But money had to come into it somehow. Abba would know. The whole world operated on money. Debt could not be about everything but money.

This prayer business was big.

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