In pursuit of respect…

Respect is dead!

Striking headline,

For a feeling that would need to be revived by a multitude of electroshocks.

It is even a fashionable trend

Which does not appear to undergo discount.

Yes, I speak about the respect of a child towards his/her parents,

The one of a younger towards his/her elders,

The one between fellows of the same society,

Or even about the respect toward his/her own person.

This feeling, this “practice” which we often hear about,

But which is nevertheless less applied,

And that is now replace by incivility,

And the lack of consideration.

Is it due to a lack of education?

Many will reply that it is obvious.

However, there was a time when,

The respect was instilled before learning to speak;

It was this innate thing,

Which was transmitted from generation to generation.

Say that it totally disappeared would be excessive

But concede that is a rare commodity,

Would be far from a superlative.

This transmission has probably lost momentum

But why look for culprits indefinitely

When it appears that we all have a share of responsibility.

Does the education, the transmission of values ​​and principles only belong to parents?

Don’t we also have to contribute

So the life in society will no longer be seen as a chore?

As the main actors of this cohabitation,

Do not forget the essentials of this life,

These values ​​and principles that have been transmitted to us

As a gift of inestimable value.

Do not keep them selfishly

But let share them, disseminate them widely,

For those who were deprived,

So they may subsequently become assiduous supporters…

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