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Time Matters — An Autobiographical Journey Boding Integration of Realism and Idealism

Though confusion regarding time is nothing new, I want to celebrate something positive. I am experiencing great things by following laws that I do not understand. I am not a cultist or a true believer or anything, but one whose constant interest has been to explore the outside of the box we are surely in.

I grew up in the middle of the box in a family of modest privilege that was serving a family of the highest privilege available at the time. I drop no names. Just trust me. By the time I was four I was homesick for the Long Island estate that was the family’s home during the Second World War.

I was precocious and literate, self-conscious and already unwilling to accept life as much more than a charade. I came as I grew to feel that reality lay well outside the boxes I was gradually extricating myself from. Many children of families like mine end up basket cases.

I almost did. There were times when I could have gone over a serious edge. I was sure I did not belong where I was. I had no idea how to establish an identity outside it. Suffice to say that I see this all now as a rich tapestry of odd scraps of being. It is the fascinating stuff of a weird entry into the world.

Time matters. Today I am back in Manhattan where I was as a child of four. Then I lived on 80th Street on the top two floors of a building that still stands. Now I live on 34th Street on the West Side. That speaks volumes to anyone who knows what it suggests.

To me it says I have not rejected my past but, as Dylan one said, “It ain’t me”. I never dreamed that from a world of intense cleverness and intellectual adventure (then) I would become the thinker I am. I really have moved into a realm of thought that gives the lie to the idea that we deteriorate over time.

I could lose it all tomorrow but I would never be without the sense that there has been a lifelong progression leading me to this point.

Now I will come to the point of this. The time I am talking about involves the speed of light. No, faster than that. If you find that impossible, then call me one who believes in a spirit realm and at least I will be written off as one of millions of other deluded souls, billions actually.

I am suggesting that the suggestion of Jean Paul Garnier-Malet is correct despite the package it comes in.

Garnier-Malet is a physicist whose writing is very difficult to read with any certainty for reasons which would make a Richard Dawkins walk the other way without a look. It leaps between all manner of literary and metaphysical musings to frequent assertions that he is the first to present a theory of time and doubling within differing times that is capable of creating major and dramatic changes in life here and now.

To move to the simple steps involved. You would need to examine yourself to see if you are actually a thoroughly positive person. If not, you would need to at least be aware of yourself and perhaps make some modifications. Assuming you are wanting to go further, you take sleep seriously, recap the important moments of your day on retiring and then make whatever intentional affirmations you wish to make. And then go to sleep.

During the rem portion of your sleep an opening in time enables your “double” (you in the future, you connected to the source of things, you as you are intended to become), provides you with the information and inspiration you need to proceed on the basis of your affirmations.

Now I have been doing guidance and affirmations forever in my own modest way, but this is the first time I have tackled the possibility of active commerce with the world that some associate with near death experience and others with quantum thinking and others with various New Age understandings.

I am not drawn to New Age thinking as I understand it. I resonate more with some near death narrations and some quantum thought. And also with OBE (out of body) thinking like that of William Buhlman.

I also pay close attention to the articulate defenders of materialism. I am convinced that the answer lies in a world where heaven exists and is available in some respects on earth.

The Garnier-Malet understanding is complex and involves references to cyclical phenomena and other sources that have nothing directly to do with physics. I am attracted to the idea that interaction between various time frames not only exists but is eminently possible.

I have had some dramatic events during the few days I have tried to follow the Garnier-Malet drill. I have seen one computer program do remarkable things in response to mental or verbal prompts. I have seen some physical things changed. And I am presently fine-tuning to see if measurable effects can be achieved in my various online endeavors.

It is of key importance to observe two things when doing affirmations. First, they should be positive and consistent with what you actually think and believe. If you ask for something and have no confidence that it can materialize, your mind will not be singly aimed. If you are filled with negative and critical thoughts a bit of mind clearing may help.

The second thing is to practice the golden rule. Affirm for all when you are wanting something for yourself. Think of the good of your neighbors. They are you.

I will revisit this. Hopefully I won’t have to stretch anything to show that this works. I honestly do not know whether to recommend the book as it is a translation of the original French and the original was an attempt to popularize doubling ideas, but it is mingled with almost random indications of the evil effects of not following things to the letter.

It is my general sense that anyone who honestly tries to be decent and work with affirmations will come up with good results. If you are a glutton for confusion, be my guest. Google Garnier-Malet and shell out $25 for the paperback of “Change Your Future through the Time Openings”. Amazon shipped my copy on schedule. And I am glad I got it despite my reservations.


I can report that for the first time in a long time my Twitter fortunes have changed. I had 230 K or so followers until Twitter zapped bad accounts and decline. In the time since I started the regimen noted I have begun to slowly rise from a low of 209K. I have resumed my involvement but this time around I am doing it for free and it is most effective, at least my my lights. The physical condition I alluded to has not reappeared. And while I am not convinced about doubling, I am very certain that there is reality in the linkage between me and consciousness. And I am more than ever prepared to veer in the direction of integrating philosophical Realism and Idealism which would make me a practicing Hegelian which I am not. Maybe a little. My point is I am happy with the direction. Very much so.



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