To My Everything Comes Writer Editors

Let me confess that Medium mystifies me. I am so mystified that It defies categorization. One reason is that I have no patience. I do not want to spend hours or days trying to determine what, if anything works. By “works” I mean what advances the fortunes of … us.

Maybe there are too many of us here and in other spots on Medium to even hope that we will get the exposure we want. Maybe we should read the innumerable articles that remind me of nothing less than the plethora of articles that were written decades ago to say the same things.

But I assume that those who have signed up for Everything Comes are intelligent enough to select useful texts.

My practice has been to make all who wish to join Everything Comes both writers and editors to make it possible for each person to handle her own work.

Now I want to suggest that we give each other a hand. If any of you publish something on Everything Comes, I shall recommend it if that makes sense. Some things I’ll retweet. In other words I am going to be supportive and hope others do as well.

I would also encourage the many who have not written, though they are signed up, to get in the habit of daily writing. There is no way to become a writer without writing.

Now if people begin to see this as a community we can begin to see the lines between various writers and have a better time of it.

There may even be some among us who understand how Medium works. We need all the help we can get.