Everything Comes
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Everything Comes


We have physical bodies as complex as anything

But listen because more complexity’s in store

Starting with Planets circling their Suns

Not just planets but humanoid planets

Numbered one through nine in order of

Spiritual Development

Not tech development or wealth

But but Spiritual Development alone

Not religions or idolatries

Nope Spiritual Development

Which is essentially

Meditation and Contemplation or Concentration

Things we can all do DIY inside ourselves

Now the Suns 9 Humanoid Planets circle round Themselves

Circle yet another larger Sun

Which is encircled by

Nine other planets

And this expanding pattern continues all the way

To where the Big Bang first occurred

When this pattern gets deranged by this and that

A later time will set the original order aright

The number Nine predominates

And logic suggests we speak of humanoid habitation as a feature of these numbered Sun encircling planets


What constitutes the humanoid is most complex

Beyond its physical residence — our bodies

Remember that a tiny portion of the Source itself

Is found in each of us

And this we identify as Astral Body

This Body keeps a complete record of our respective lives

This Body travels past us and returns

This Body cannot be destroyed

We may see our Astral Being as one-ninth of our Higher Self


Our inner Higher Self is one ninth of our Higher Self and

As with planets every level is multiplied by nine

Until the center of the Universe is reached

All of this seeming complexity is for the purpose of filtering experience

(The substance of our sensate existence)

From is raw form in ourselves

Through its Astral manifestation

To the Higher Self and from there through every

Level of Higher Selves that exist all the way to the

Moment of the Big Bang and to the Source beyond

The filtration of everything that has been

Nothing is lost

Nothing forgotten

Nothing minimized

At any level our Higher Selves are

Dynamos able to perform feats we see as miraculous

Higher Selves can heal



And Strengthen Resolution

They are the indestructable companions

Of our Astral Beings

Our ever-present conduits of Source-delivered grace

They are not the same thing

They are the fast companions of each living being

The text above relies heavily on descriptions found in the Thaioouba Prophesy and it goes without saying that you will benefit from reading the source from which my musings are derived. It can be obtained for as little as $0 at Thiaoouba.com



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Stephen C. Rose

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