Tonight! Your beds shall lay empty on fade roads.
Your pillows shall grumbles for the smoky warmth of thy nose.
Thy rooms shall giraffe thy windows longing for thy late arrivals.
Thy doormats shall solemnly sob for her masters foots.
Cos my pen shall scares you to the pit of hells.
With the mysterious tales of bleeding trees and sweating leaves.
My muse shall spilt boiling carbonate on thy naked souls.
The tales of humming loins shall sprout filth on thy holy face. 
My words shall unzip a red bags of buffoonish secrets.
Why the cruel hunter slice the pregnant women as meals.
Why Ige-adubí despises the acerbic sack bag and vessel even as foetus.
Why Ikeduba profane to dipole his Father's squatting clothes.
Why Alibaba marries his cows to couch the maidens breasts.
Why Malomo still rows her Illinois circle of infringement.
Why Amerinlaye now follows the tracks of crinkling crickets.
Why the nightingale bleeds nose and peck to sing its chivalrous dirge.
Shàngbá ò! Rivulet shall gush down thy tricky eagles eyes.
The sweat of my hands shall burn Papyrus to aches.
Just seat or remain seated, on thy two legged shrieked stools.
While my sturdy winds blows you to the safe ninja's pouch.
Where blades and daggers floor the sinking grounds.

 1. Ige-adubí (The vanguard): A baby delivered with legs arriving first.
 2. Ikeduba: a Nigeria name, Igbo.
 3. Alibaba: An Hausa name.
 4. Amerinlaye: A man that catches elephant alive.
 5. Malomo: an alternative name given to female stillborns.
 6. Shàngbá o! : an exclamation that implies something bad occurs.

© Olajide Timilehin Abiodun.

Written and Edited by Olajide Timilehin Abiodun.

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