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This is the introduction and first section:


My Philosophy

By Stephen C. Rose

Copyright © 2016


Ludwig is my love. We are unified. I write from his mind. He writes in mine. We communicate. I write the following in response not to represent Ludwig or even build on him. I do what I do. Free. Now. I speak the unsayable. I say the unspeakable. I defy the dictator and reduce liars to dross. Ludwig and I will celebrate in a hovel in Iceland, laughing all the while and wondering what became of Baudrillard.



Reality is all. All is the case. The world is in it.


Facts are claims as well as true. Things are what they are. Ultimately what is good is what is true.


The world is determined as we go. Its things change and remain the same. There is no end to all.


Totality has nothing to do with case. The case is what is true. The totality is true and false — ambient but moving toward truth.


The world is where we are in reality. Logic is good. The world is good.


The world is not divided by any mental gyration. The world is what it is. Most of it is mystery.


Anything that is or is not changes all it is connected to in the process of changing. The change may have a cause that we can comprehend or not. Most everything is mystery till understood.