Trump, Flynn, Russia — What (May Have) Happened

Trump went to Russia and got filmed in a hotel room.

A former KGB agent named Putin said interesting, find me a mark.

A mark was found. A former Obama staffer named Flynn.

Bring him along, said Putin.

Flynn was brought along with payments from Russian concerns designed to make him a happy camper.

It got better. He got close to Putin, close enough for a look at that video of that Trump fellow.

It was not hard to convince Flynn to return to the US and insert himself into the Trump Campaign.

Flynn was in Trump’s eyes a flipper — flipped from Obama to Trump. He was also a general and knew about Russia.

Russia took steps to ensure that Trump and his campaign knew they were interested in helping him.

Flynn was manipulated as Russia realized how malleable a mark was he. He did not have to be told to tell his friend Trump that he has seen that video but that his secret was safe.

Russia knew that Flynn would run into trouble and facilitated the matter.

Flynn had a season of exuberance, loved by two major powers and enriched by some Russian chump change.

Flynn became a true believer and Trump favorite — some Trump needed to keep quiet.

Then the roof caved in. He was forced to fire Flynn.

He fired Comey.

He precipitated the Special Prosecution.

The Special Prosecutor learned the truth.

Trump knows exactly what that means.