Trump in Chains

My Trump Take — October 2015 to Now — Everything Comes — Medium

Above a compendium of Trump Deliverances since October 2015.

I write this as the polls seem to show Hillary with a substantial if not indomitable lead after a terrible GOP convention which actually decreased liking for Trump plus some huge gifts from Donald in the form of suicidal statements now eating him up.

You will see from the early pieces above that I have understood Trump’s positive contribution. He has rendered Sanders populism more acceptable than otherwise. And he has helped destroy the GOP establishment. He has forced forced people to face important matters and declare themselves. Anyone who makes people think is doing good.

But you will also see that I set myself the task of defeating him.

No one can do this single-handedly, but each person should see that what power they possess is deployed to maximum effectiveness.

I have been single-minded, largely because Trump would be worse, much worse than Clinton. And not for the reasons many cite.

It is true that his temperament is problematic and that he is weighed down by a personality disorder. But my reasons are more pedestrian.

Trump would be just as bad as the GOP has always been.

That will hurt many. That is a good enough reason to defeat him.

Now how can we make the defeat certain?

(Remember that we also want to see the GOP toppled.)

  1. Play Trump Tax Returns with EVERY GOP CANDIDATE.

We must make the Tax Return Chorus resound to the rafters.

2. Continue to bait him.

It is possible that the polls will continue to widen which will intensify both GOP angst and Trump ire. RIGGED! will be competing with “getting the message out” and no doubt be embraced by the media.

Yes the media are moving AGAINST Donald and he knows it and the reason is they think he is crazy and should not be given any chance to take us with him.

In this environment beating Trump involves selecting the best of Donald’s MELTDOWNS for continual circulation.

The Hillary statement that Trump can be baited by a Tweet becomes the dominant understanding.

3. Keep Chipping Away

Make continual efforts to attract independents and GOP folk who are fed up. Do not alienate Trump Folk. Take his BEST PROGRESSIVE IDEAS and claim them.

4. Re-brand

Cast the Democrats as the Security and Strength Party — widening that understanding to move toward Basic Income and Basic Justice and Fairness to all.

The GOP is the protagonist of this entire matter. It started the fight and Donald was appointed by the Deity to finish it. Beating Donald is the first event in the story of a new politics in America.