Tweets — Digital Art, Visionary plus A Note on All This

A Note on All This

I was having a lovely time doing an experiment — selecting past tweets on the basis of response which is a sort of C. S. Peirce way (Pragmaticist) to acknowledge the role of the community and consensus in arriving at things.

I thought that was sort of Medium’s idea.

Well among Twitter’s limits is a two month window on past tweets, or so it seems. I get to an end I cannot get past. I suppose there are indeed limits. But it makes my project more or less toast. So much for it.

After this group of posts I will need to concentrate on present and future to determine response, neglecting years of input and possible insight. And defeating my purpose which was to rescue tweets that had had a response well before the limit.

Another day on the Internet.

I will publish in the future recent Tweets that have had some response in the hope that they can become the basis for the project I have in mind.

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