Visions of Me

Visions of a little girl distract my days

& haunt my nights

it’s always the same:

twirling in the living room,

blonde curls bouncing like Tigger’s tail,

spinning until dizziness overcomes

and crashing into a mound of pillows

but her laugh,

it’s her laugh that gets me,

it hangs in the air,

constant like the summer sun,

sending chills down my spine

not long ago,

while out walking,

I saw her in the dark street,

twirling like always,

but she stopped

as I approached her

she turned to face me,

her once innocent eyes replaced

with cold black holes

that have seen too much

I shivered at her stare,

quivering with rage

she spat the words, “I trusted you”

and ran off in an angry fit of tears


I watched the darkness

swallow her dainty frame,

and I haven’t seen her since.

I can’t find her.

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