A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev


We Have Something Putin Lacks

We have something Putin lacks

Tattered torn but not unbowed

It is called Democracy

Alive, not in a shroud

It is a weapon of such power

It cannot be daunted

Even in the darkest hour

When worst evil’s flaunted

Democracy awaits a time

And then takes center stage

Illuminating each sad crime

Dissecting phony rage

Sadly, sadly Mr. Putin

You face no such scourge

But Russians tired of your looting

Just might get the urge

For democratic revolution

Oh, perish the thought

Yes, an apposite solution

To the fate you’ve wraught

Oh Vladimir, your die is cast

Stay tuned to see it working

And if your day is overcast

And you hear something lurking

It’s just democracy, that’s clear

It could work there. It will work here