What Do I Mean by Cyber?

I have worked for five decades since study with C. A. Doxiadis on the notion of post-automobile society.

I later absorbed much of Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language.

Integrating this with the inspiration of Buckminster Fuller, I see the cyber age as the one we are living in.

I see post-automobile, post-oil as the future.

Progress moves from small to large. The last thing to go will be what is under our noses: our world of houses, streets, cities and so forth as presently structured, build and conceived.

I have imperfectly sought to express myself on this for all these years and must confess to failure.

My latest efforts are various Kindle books include WORLD and The Visionary A Novella.

I regularly opine on all this on Twitter @stephencrose

I see exactly what I have in mind. But I have great difficulty expressing it in ways that others can see.


Pattern Language;


We seem inured to the sprawl world I feel is doing us all in.