Stephen C. Rose
Aug 31 · 5 min read

The good news is that there is an answer to the glass question. The glass is filling and one day it will overflow.

This has nothing to do with our behavior. It is not something we can win. It has to do with who we are.

We do not know for sure all the details, but the broad truth is that we are spirits, parts of souls, thus part of consciousness and part of the very creation of our universe.

We look a bit different than our spirit forms. We live in a sea of matter which is why life here is seen both as an honor and a prize.

Earth, the material world, is tough. It is temptation. It is challenge.

To succeed here is to battle and win.

We may well see things that way. But if we see things as who we really are, we know that positivity is the true key to success. And that positivity begins with “I” but it does not end there. It always moves to “We”. And then to “All”.

We survive a tough world by loving our way through life. We love by being positive and knowing that God — Creator and Lover of all — is the one to whom we owe existence.

We are one with God or we are lost until we see that it is true.

To be one with God does not mean go to church.

It means to be aware. Aware that Oneness is ontology, the way things eternally are.

Here’s how it works. Our story.

When the universe came into being, it was an Idea in a Mind we eventually called God.

In earth time, this idea developed over huge millions of our years. But in fact there is no Earth time save where space exists. In most of Reality, space and time are whatever they happen to be.

But earth is a paragon of realization.

Other realms are more amorphous and etherial. But on earth we move more and more to realization as we draw closer to the Mind we know as God. As we follow more and more the counsel of the one we call Jesus. As we practice the scientific principles of the meditative discipline we call kriya.

We are spirits on our way to claim the Divinity in which we have always had our being.


Ultimately whatever we determine science to be is what reality always has been.

The current best answer is that it is consciousness, nonlocal, a sea in which we all exist. Reality is made of an energy we can call love. It has different frequencies between which there can be communication.

Seen from the perspective of the Divine, Earth is an incredible harvest of beauty and truth. It is heavenly. It is a crown of Creation.

We are the crown of earth.

Earth is our laboratory.

Our idea trove.

Our call to co-create.

We are part of God, the All, the Unifier, the essence of Unconditional Love.

This God we call Mind and Reality. God can be anything and everything and is in fact the center and substance that is all of us.

Another word for who and what we are is “ideas”.




Two major truths about God help establish the truths that underlie our world and those who live there.

Reality is positive, meaning good, helpful, tolerant, and democratic.

Life moves always toward love and realization.

Everything is based on freedom of choice and the preciousness of all.

Our fate (destiny) is love.

Our journey is freedom to love.

We all get to love eventually.

We retain freedom throughout.

This is clearly good news.

How do we know it is real? How do we know it is not some blast of positivity injected into the world to try to cover corruption, abuse of power, and inherent challenges, including death itself?

We cannot answer this question unless we freely choose to pursue the spiritual path.

I could inundate you with evidence, innumerable proofs that there is another side, that other dimensions exist, that we are psychic, that consciousness is vastly more than being awake.

I will give you pointers to this wealth as we more forward. But the proof is in our actual experience.


We choose our future down to the next nanosecond. We constantly decide what we will do. We are continually creating the experience of life. No one else is doing this unless you are comatose and under the complete control of another. Even then your own decisions are dominant. We are the deciders of our lives.


We have a conscience. As much as we try to hide it, we are keenly aware that our behavior is constantly being reviewed. We even select the reviewer. Sometimes, it is a presence within that sounds like whoever has had the most influence on us. Or it may be our soul, reminding us of the essence of ethical behavior.

Hurt and harm are to be avoided, whether aimed at self or others. The ideal is reciprocal love, self-love that tells you to love others as you would like them to love you.

This is convincing proof that we all have the same purpose.

Love, in a word.


We are enjoying steady, accelerating progress. While some do not regard unfolding history as progress, the bulk of humanity has advanced at an ever faster rate. There is less negativity and we are nearing a tipping point when optimism will dominate. Because there is ever more proof that how we think influences things, this movement is welcome. It also makes the world ever more heavenly and optimism is justified by the sense that we do not die and in fact move ever more here or in an afterlife toward love that is unconditional.

Evolution is not the survival of the physically most fit. It is the gradual sway of love over fear. This is happening as we speak. We are all waking up more and more.

Miracle is a good word. But as time goes on what we once saw as miraculous will be redefined. Everything including ourselves is a miracle. ever and always.

Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

Stephen C. Rose

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Everything Comes

LOVE POWER. Unifying Earth and Heaven

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