When I say reality I mean more than one thing

When I say reality I mean more than one thing

Because reality is everything

Reality is all

What then of fiction falsity and such

All real depending

On what

Reality always has an affect

A real phrase might sit unbeknownst weighted down by

a great stack of books unbeknownst

Real it would be but yes unbeknownst

Imagining is real

I can imagine ‘whose there’ on a parapet somewhere

And one who penned it in some Stratford place

Where you could sit for hours and not be bothered

What fixes real you ask only one thing I call them values

But they reveal themselves in context so it is not easy

Everything being real and all

Love could be the highest or the lowest see

It clearly is the highest but it can be parodied and de-aestheticized

Until is is just rank brutality

Where does that leave us

What is true what false

And if false what

In time I’d say this very time

When we must choose to say

Reality is all

And thus become

As universal

As we ever were

On our parlous way to will be