Why Google Should Buy Twitter

I am convinced that Twitter could grow if it made it profitable for power users. Anyone can be motivated to be a power user by the prospect even of minimal returns. By making one’s followers a basis for earning the deed would be done.

But I see nothing whatsoever in Twitter’s business effort that suggests my idea. In fact it is offering me something I must refuse. The books I seek to sell on Kindle are simply too inexpensive too be worth advertising at Twitter’s rates.

But suppose Twitter was Google’s and had a full scale Ad Sense Ad Words operation and that visits to one’s profile page became a basis for driving traffic. Suppose I could sell ads on my profile page or buy ads for it.

Google prospered because it involved those of us who were doing business online. Even small fish like me.

Suppose people could earn according to the number of followers they had. I have around 230K. That would bring a bit of traffic and I would surely advertise there or on the pages of folk whose streams I like.

At this point we are passive cyphers who do not even earn impressions equal to our follower numbers. There is no motive to do much of anything.

Merely making earning opportunities available to Twitter folk would probably double the share price.