Worst Consequences of Global Warming




The people who write about Global Warming are so hip they think we know what it is. Well here are all the things it is spelled out in alarming clarity.

The oceans will rise to levels causing extreme danger to coastal areas.

Ice on the planet will shrink and contribute water to the rise of same.

Heat Waves are already killers — brace for more and hotter.

Think Sandy was tough, Get ready for Sandy Two, Three, Four, Five, etc.

Want a drink of water. For many it will be out or reach. For all it will cost, oh maybe what cars cost now.

Disease is being cured by remarkable advances but we ain’t seen nothing yet.

The economic consequences of warming will probably render our present economy history. Failure to design a world that works will more than likely create one that works less and less well with terrible consequences to the general temperament of human beings.

The result will be more conflicts and no doubt more wars. It would be wise at present to move toward global nonviolence, just as a hedge against our dicey future.

Biodiversity what is that? I doubt anyone can get past the idea that it is diversity in the biosphere. I mean you cannot see the stars in metro areas any more. Will anybody notice if all we end up seeing is a screen?

Finally what is an ecosystem? Tell me, what? If we had one, would it work? A system is something that works.

We don’t have one.

Now we have this Paris meeting which already says these effects will CLEARLY be here by century’s end. And CLEARLY says the steps needed to allay them are impossible to enact now.

And we have the best minds of all time engrossed in creating start-ups. Said minds appear to have no sense that any of this stuff will have any effect on them.

Ta ta.

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