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Engineering skills in DevOps are a necessity for scaling up. It isn’t something you pick up as you go along something, it’s something you should plan as part of your Career Journey.

As the DevOps role evolves, alongside the demand for scale ⚖️, we are also required to sharpen our engineering capabilities.

For senior developers, the tricks of the trade are usually based on their clear view of design patterns enabling them to identify them wherever they go. But for `DevOpsers` the situation is not always that straightforward…

Career Journey

From Racks 2 Stacks

My personal journey started in the 90s as an IT professional with 128KBps dial-up connections and the need for speed was in demand in order to ship adverts on time to local pre-press and ad agencies. ⏩ 15+ years Fast forward a common stack could probably deal with the same amount of traffic we dealt with in a month, … same goes for setting that rack up…

⚛ ️Automation, Engineering, and Cloud

The “times ten” we are all seeking for isn’t exponential … meaning it took time to build the best practices and adopt architectural styles to achieve the same amount of capacity in faster, in one-word Automation, in a few more the ability to automate & engineer a system — a.k.a systems engineering.

All this Cloud-Native goodness has come with an abundance of standards & patterns we learned to appreciate and adopt.

In the early stages Batch files & Shell scripts were all you needed on the scale of a few physical servers … with 10’s -> 1000’s these, methods don’t suffice.

⬅️ | Shifting left

12factor, Ruby on Rails, Frameworks & Fireworks

The compute consumption model has shifted from physical to virtual and eventually to the cloud. Servers are just someone else’s hardware and many companies are consuming computing in the forms of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, or FaaS.

Modern compute consumption models

These Computing models require us to program our infrastructure and manage our distributed applications across multiple architectures and cloud providers

12Factor app principles and Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Ruby, in general, have defined a common standard of modern distributed system architecture.

From Stateless config to Controller loops

As PaaS services such as Heroku and the 12factorApp principles helped define the standard of modern web services, it also defined a more distributed and flexible way of thinking — this approach helped influence projects like Kubernetes which is now dominating container scheduling decoupling it from the cloud provider (as much as possible).

Distributed what of Thinking

With the maturity of container technology and cloud services offering to run containers in various ways we now find ourselves with complex deployment models and a lack of skill to engineer it …

The old way of doing Configuration Management was to use an ad-hoc tool to do the job e.g. when a server launches, bootstrap it, configure it, test it, connect it… a repetitive task that for the Engineers was shortly an Ansible/Chef/Puppet module you’d distribute and use in your automation.

But the main issue was state or “drift management”, the desired state vs existing state was harder to ensure …

Kubernetes | Controller Pattern

The Kubernetes controller pattern and its extensible design in the core of any modern application, Kubernetes attempts to abstract the application from the infrastructure nonetheless requires us to learn and adopt new skills, and for a professional to understand the patterns.

Skilling Up the Dev in DevOps?
Considering we've been around the DevOps block for a while and are familiar with the requirements, it is now something we need to get our job done better, and with much less frustration …

Come skill-up with us https://www.experts.tikalk.com/

Thanks for making it to the line ;).





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