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A Blueberry‘s Daydream: Discovering Stardom and Societal Norms

A sibling of culinary poetics

© Pseu Pending (Seu)

they say i need good company —
no one picks a good berry from crooks
they say i need photogenicity —
no one rewards homely looks
they say i need prime tonicity —
no one likes a mushy past-their-prime
they say i need functionality—
no one markets useless grime (wait — don’t they?)

ahh…but they forget my core
crimson lining in luscious passion~flesh pure~
have you looked under my skin and in between?

for them — their skin and bones and in between
i am their catalyst — their benefactor —
i glisten from the top of the crystalline river

on a pedestal I stand humble — and TALL

till the next fav takes over. ouch!

seriously, have you looked inside a blueberry?

© 2022 Pseu Pending (Seu)

Thanks to Hollie Petit, Ph.D., Toni Greathouse, Natalie & Editorial Team of Everything Fun for hosting the party!



Everything Fun is a place for anything related to fun: festive stories, humorous expressions, creative tangents, pick-me-up poems, and other shenanigans that make us feel good.

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Pseu Pending (Seu)

Leisure is a path to the thinking process. Museum Educator/ Contemporary Art Researcher/ Lover of culinary arts. Top writer in Poetry, Art, Creativity, Food