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Anal Worms

Let’s wiggle our way through a bunch of books

Books image and worm by OpenClipart-Vectors — background and compilation by author

In response to a prompt by Krystal Mossbarger, I am about to launch my new book club, “Anal Worms”.

It promises to be a huge success!

No doubt some of Krystal’s club members will slippedy-slide right on over to my group because:

My book club doesn’t bother with the first chapter — we only read the titles!

Later, we might read the author, too, but for now, title-reading is taxing enough.

I have planned a title-reading schedule for the next ten weeks, which is as follows:

1. The Wind in My Bellows

2. Gone is My Wind (with thanks to the drug, RelieveTheGas)

3. The Sound and its Fury (Again, thanks to RelieveTheGas)

4. Little Women Fart, Too (I won’t mention RelieveTheGas again)

5. Oliver’s Bowel is Twisted

6. The Misadventures of Honeyberry’s Quim for Girls

7. Adventurous Tom Saw Yer Bits (But he’ll keep his mouth shut for ten bucks)

8. The Girl We Call Raine (Not funny, but I like typing my name)

9. The Girl with the Dragon-shaped Poo (What a way to celebrate 2022!)

10. Pride and Prune Juice (A handbook for constipated seniors)

I haven’t bothered to do book cover illustrations like Krystal — there’s no time to waste on that nonsense. Besides, I’m not that anal!

Krystal Mossbarger, Kristen Stark and Hollie Petit, Ph.D.— I am fully aware that by reading this article my book club members will have already undertaken their club responsibilities for the next ten weeks.

This means we can hang out, order-in from that bloke Krystal knows on the corner, and talk about really important issues such as — how long can we get away with writing this rubbish?

The original story prompt by Krystal Mossbarger:

And you might as well read some more rubbish by me, Raine Lore:



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