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Captivating Caturday Motivation VII

Wet your whiskers with today’s cat-tastic motivators!

Photo by Amy Baugess on Unsplash

Whiskers up Medium citizens! It is I, Spyder D, mayor of Motivation City, back and friendly neighborhood Spyder-dude, with the magic words that’ll get you off the couch, into your crouch and ready to pounce, with an occasional zoom to see what’s happening in the other room!

Meowsa! Caturday is finally here!



Everything Fun is a place for anything related to fun: festive stories, humorous expressions, creative tangents, pick-me-up poems, and other shenanigans that make us feel good.

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Spyder Darling

Born in upstate New York, raised on Long Island, been some places, done some things, currently living in New York City. You got a problem with that?