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Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023 in Three Days

“Got many things.”

A living room: a puppy on a sofa with a nit hat (half covered by the blanket), snowflake cushion, coffee table, candle lights, nit hats, and snowman light.

How was your 2022?
There were lots of things that happened.

Let’s pat our backs.
We did what we could.

Enjoyed reading
Struggled with writing
And had fun with both
Tried this and that
Created and chose the best possible images for the articles
Tried many…



Everything Fun is a place for anything related to fun: festive stories, humorous expressions, creative tangents, pick-me-up poems, and other shenanigans that make us feel good.

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Kaori Mitsui

Writing, Humor, Food, Health, Learning, Tech (3D, AI), Fiction Stories, My Experience, and etc. [Top writer in Ideas 😲]