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Mama Cooked Up the Loving Potion — Post-Covid Fun!

a sibling of culinary poetics

© Pseu Pending (Seu)

rid of Covid twenty twenty-two
roaring a lozenge twenty twenty-three
freed the spirit of purposed rover
laughing crooning rolling over
lemons loquat licorice luohan
figs and well aged peels of tangerine
dark plums cinnamon soothing hawthorn
fourleaf ladybell roots and pears
fragrant rhizome seal of solomon
rocking salt of himalayan
bring you closer not a poser
zhou xuan sweet ella lady gaga
swag rhythm of tina turner
oh nightingales and lions’ booms
knocking storms across the zooms
natural herbs the merry chauffeur
silly humans don’t you reckon
who is having all the fun
mama nature almighty composer!

I got over Covid on day 3 of 2023 with my voice yet to return. And what do I see on the back of the lozenge packet? Plants my mother used in my childhood. Roaring herbs for the voice!

© 2023 Pseu Pending (Seu)

Thanks to Hollie Petit, Ph.D., Toni Greathouse and Natalie of Everything Fun for hosting these poetics!



Everything Fun is a place for anything related to fun: festive stories, humorous expressions, creative tangents, pick-me-up poems, and other shenanigans that make us feel good.

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Pseu Pending (Seu)

Leisure is a path to the thinking process. Museum Educator/ Contemporary Art Researcher/ Lover of culinary arts. Top writer in Poetry, Art, Creativity, Food