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B.R. Shenoy
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Photo Credit: B.R. Shenoy in a Canva frame by Toni Greathouse

WHO does your acronym say you are?

Best Reporter

I enjoy writing articles based on research for a news app called NewsBreak and keeping a blog on Medium.

Actually, “B.R.” stands for the initials of my first and middle name.

I also publish my newsletter called “Musings and Reflections” on Substack.

WHAT genre(s) do you write about?

I have a broad range of interests, including nature, travel, culture, parenting, and family. Instead of narrowing down to a specific niche, I prefer to explore various topics without limitations in my writing.

I also enjoy incorporating my own photography into my pieces, particularly focusing on nature and travel subjects. You could say I am an enthusiastic nature and travel photographer.

WHEN did you start writing?

In early 2020, I began crafting stories about my family after realizing that my children took pleasure in reading my old journal entries. It brought me immense satisfaction to witness their genuine enjoyment.



B.R. Shenoy
Everything Fun

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