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Meet Betsy Hayhow Hemming

Anatomy of Her Acronym

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WHO am I?


WHAT genres do I focus on?

Creative non-fiction is my favorite as I write numerous blog posts about a variety of topics. I also write a column for the newsletter of the Anglers of the Au Sable, about the Au Sable River in northern Michigan. I enjoy writing fictional short stories, especially ghost stories.

WHEN did I start writing?

I come from a family of writers, so it is no surprise that I caught the writing bug at an early age. The first story I remember writing featured the harrowing adventure of losing a tooth while eating a pork chop at dinner, then finding it in the applesauce. It was soon followed by a spooky tale of Mergatroyd, a very thirsty vampire. Writing became a lifelong adventure; every single job throughout my long and varied career involved writing of some sort. Certainly, a lifelong goal was to write and publish a novel, which I accomplished three years ago when I self-published “William Bell: A Novel.” It took 10 years, but given a more than full-time job, a husband, two daughters and pets, I am amazed that it only took a decade. William is a special fellow, so it also took some time to get to know him. The sequel should be done in an easy seven or eight years, I reckon.

WHERE am I located?

I live in the metro Detroit area of Michigan, although I spend considerable time at our cabin on the Au Sable River in northern Michigan. I have the best of both worlds. And while I love the diversity and excitement of a metropolitan area, my heart belongs to Mother Nature.

HOW do I create?

While I yearn to be one of those writers who fills walls with post-it notes with ideas for a writing project, that simply doesn’t work for me. In a nutshell, I sit down at my computer and write. Now and again, while in the shower or someplace else where there is absolutely no paper whatsoever, I will have an idea for one of my writing endeavors. If I’m lucky enough to procure scraps of paper at these auspicious times, I will cram them in a lovely but very worn writing folder and try to remember to look through it on occasion. My husband did gift me a waterproof message board for the shower, but the pen dried out.

WHY do I write on Medium?

I decided to create a blog many years ago. When my brother asked me “what is the purpose of your blog?” I didn’t have an answer, and that stymied my progress for some time. When the pandemic came along, I decided to write a post daily in an effort to have some creativity — and structure — in my life. After about a year or so, I joined Medium. It offers a place where readers and writers converge to engage in dialogue about pretty much every possible topic. Finding “Everything Fun” was an absolute joy. We all need fun in our lives and it’s great to read authors’ perspectives on the topic. I continue to create my path on Medium, to keep learning about all it has to offer. And to finally answer my brother’s thoughtful question, my purpose is to offer readers helpful and positive perspectives on life, with a few dollops of fun, amazement and inspiration thrown in for good measure.



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Betsy Hayhow Hemming

Betsy Hayhow Hemming is an author and leadership coach. She writes fiction and creative nonfiction. www.betsyhemming.com.