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The Benefits Of Plane Rides

The fear of flying

Photo by Tom Buar

I love flying, I love traveling. But many are afraid to fly, especially those with social anxiety. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to feel trapped on a plane with total strangers.

As we were taking our seats on the plane, I told my daughter when she was 8 years old: “Look at it like those scary roller coasters we ride. We go up and that’s the real scary part. Then comes the massive drop, very scary! But all in all, the roller coaster ends.”

So basically, if the plane does happen to crash, it will be a scary drop, but at least that drop ends, and you go to a pretty nice place. That solved her questions about flying.

Why I Love Flying

It is one time in this world when I could not control anything; the plane was in total control. You must develop serious trust in order to fly. I have a very busy life, so I really look forward to sitting on a plane. It is a great time for me to think, a great time to get away from the rest of the world (except for those on the plane with me). But it’s alright that those people are with me on the plane, even though a screaming child can be pretty ugh. But even them, too, have their reasons…

When the flight is over I often find myself saying: “Dang, once I step foot on the ground I will be back to the same ole earth sh** again.”

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