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The Tao Of Spyder

Fifty Rules To Live By

The author and Albert / Photo by J.J. Shannon / Art by Banksy.

I’m Spyder Darling. In my 60 years of walking the Earth I’ve been some places, done some things and learned a few lessons. Some more serious than others. Such as…

  1. It doesn’t have to be super perfect. In most cases regular perfect is just fine.
  2. Don’t drown in water that’s already under the bridge.
  3. Sooner kicks later’s ass.




Everything Fun is a place for anything related to fun: festive stories, humorous expressions, creative tangents, pick-me-up poems, and other shenanigans that make us feel good.

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Spyder Darling

Spyder Darling

Born in upstate New York, raised on Long Island, been some places, done some things, currently living in New York City. You got a problem with that?

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