The future of gadgets — Modularity

We are surrounded by gadgets. From routers and GPS to watches and smartphones, these products grow in variety and number every year. However, despite the nearly infinite number of electronic gizmos, at a physical level, they all boil down to a few basic types of components. At Nascent Objects, we studied (reverse engineered) 585 such devices released since 2012, and found that 80 percent of them could be built from just 28 common electronic components (or 15 Nascent Modules).

For example: a baby monitor and a wireless home security camera contain the same basic electronic components (Camera + Microphone + WiFi), but have different industrial design and software. Although they contain the same parts, the two products are completely separate: you can’t transform one into the other. At least, until now.

At Nascent, we’ve created the world’s first Modular Consumer Electronic platform. By using a system of electronic Modules and physical Shapes, we can combine modules with packaging to create fully-fledged consumer electronics. This new type of modularity also means that our Modules can fit inside multiple Shapes and transform from one product category into another. Imagine converting a drone into an RC car and then to a bike-computer in less than a few minutes.

We are launching the platform with an Indiegogo campaign that demonstrates this concept with 3 products:

  • Droppler — a water conservation product
  • Streaming WiFi speaker with Apple AirPlay and Spotify Support
  • WiFi HD video camera with streaming and IFTTT capabilities

Why 3 products? Why not? All 3 products are now available for the price of one ($119) because of our modular system. If you want a new product, simply move the modules from one shape to the next, and switch functions on your smartphone.

As we grow, we will be adding more modules and more shapes. We will be working with the best designers in the world to bring beautiful devices to your home.