Some of the tools connected with Customer Strategy

Customer Strategy — how the customer can improve the organization

Customer strategy creates a new suite of tools to help the organization align, involve and collaborate with the customer — in different shapes and forms. But why would you involve the customer?

In the current overview I have organized the list of tasks and activities I have worked on with different customers over time, in order to make clearer the different opportunities the customer can offer to the organization.

Which categories or questions could be relevant to your organization? Please take the short 1 question survey here:


  • What is the link between our strategy, targets and customer value?
  • How are we appreciating the efforts made to increase customer value at an individual or team level?
  • How are we motivating the organization to increase the customer value and how is this directly linked to the organizations business metrics and individual score cards?


  • What does the current customer data tell us, how is it valuable to us?
  • How could the organization benefit from more customer data and how can we gather this?
  • How can we make the data available to different teams in the organization and in what format?
  • How can we implement a system of action continually feeding the organization in a way that promotes decisions and action?
  • How will the organization improve from better customer data?


  • Why are we organized the way we are, who is benefitting from this?
  • What does a customer process look like, is it efficient and confined or are customer problems cross functional and messy?
  • How can we optimize to solve customer problems better?
  • How is the customer present in todays organization and processes?
  • Does the organization see or anticipate an increase in customer influence and does it need to reorganize to changing customer needs?


  • What customer tools could the organization benefit from?
  • How can different tools help us solve our different challenges?
  • How can we retain the customer focus in the organization over time / implement a continuous presence / role for the customer in the organization?


  • How can we make the customer more valuable to the organization?
  • In which contexts and what formats would the customer insight be helpful?
  • How can we demonstrate this value, surprise and motivate the organization to engage with the customer in these contexts?
  • How can we implement this?


  • How do we improve our current products and services?
  • How do we align them to the market?
  • How do we exploit new opportunities or respond to direct or asymmetric competition?
  • How do we continually tweak and optimize what we are already offering?


  • How do we understand the customers future demand patterns?
  • How can we organize ourselves, so that we are able with swift flexibility to continuously probe and learn from the customer?
  • How do we understand the changes in the customers motivation and priorities and how we can meet or solve new / asymmetric challenges?


  • How do we optimize our business model?
  • How is the company organizing to provide the current offering and with what efficiency?
  • Which tools and partners are we using and are we using these in the best possible way?
  • How does our deliverable through our interactions and meeting places coordinate with the needs of the customer at any one time of the customer journey?


  • How do we develop direct, immediate and long lasting relationships with the customers?
  • How do we make these relationships more valuable?
  • What is the and how do we increase the customer life time value?