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Fit for Uncertainty (Synopsis)

Huge strain is being put on the current management technology as it is destroying talent, ignoring customers and slowly suffocating organizations.

This is a synopsis/proposal for a talk on the subject of future management technology and organizations. I wanted to share it in case you felt that this topic is highly relevant to your organization and want to get in touch.

Companies desire predictability in a world where the only thing certain is uncertainty. They invest heavily in a fail-safe culture of processes, planning and strategy that is stifling the organizations ability to compete.

There is no lack of talent, imagination or initiative. What organizations struggle with, especially those heavily affected by a distributed economy, is the wrong operating system. Both its software (customer insight and metrics) and hardware (strategy, governance and organizational design) are built for efficiency and standardization. While what is demanded of the 21st century organization are flexibility and experiments.

The talk gives content and context to these topics and goes on to suggest how organizations can investigate, map and advance a new operating system. In the talk I am especially occupied with an evolutionary role for the customer and developing a culture of experimentation.