In Capitalism Every Trend Crashes Against The Wall

Companies develop to become resilient to change, not to avoid it but to stand up against it and survive its punches.

In their irresistible urge for clarity and desire to remove randomness organizations can come to overly simplify the world around them. Primarily focusing on financial metrics and controllable internal factors, external parameters become either skewed to fit the world view of the organization (e.g. customer data is used to fit customers to the product, not the other way around) or emerging demand patterns are simply not prioritized (e.g. using the cheapes trick in the book which is simply renaming the threat so that it can be categoriezed as something else).

This lack of complexity and friction only comes to confirm that the direction the organization already had chosen was the right one — until it runs its product or itself straight into a wall.

“In capitalism every trend crashes against the wall because they can never stop it on time, they always go beyond the useful life.” — Carlotte Perez