We Are Running Our Organizations on Old Code

Data informs the mental models by which we manage our organizations and make decisions. Big space data, computer vision and machine learning creates a new generation of data and gives companies a completely new framework for understanding the world. Solving the short comings of todays rude, inefficient and static data. Are we ready to be rewired and reprogrammed?

This is my presentation from this years SpacePort Norway in Stavanger the 20th of June. It is similar to the talk in Skellefteå last week but tailored to a different crowd.


I help organizations work with input variables: the data, information and insight that programs the hardware of the organization.

Input Variables

What organizations struggle with, especially those heavily affected by a distributed economy, is the wrong operating system. Both its software (customer insight and metrics) and hardware (strategy, governance and organizational design) are built for efficiency and standardization. While what is demanded of the 21st century organization are flexibility and experiments.

When organizations start out they are very focused on the customers problem. The wade thorugh this messy data to understand the customers job and engineer a product to fit. As organizations grow up their mindsets changes from the customers problem to making their own solutions and services better. They exchange their messy customerdata for measurable data, data that can fit into an Excel spreadsheet. The data becomes all about products, features and competitors. They forget the customers job and start understanding the world through the eyes of their solutions.

The 21st century problem is convergence/mutation. Where seemingly seperate industries suddenly find themselves competing for the same customer problems. They need the data to help them prioritize these problems.

Today companies need insight to make decisions that challenge their assumptions, their core technology, vector, processes and core business models. Insight that challenge their customers own perception of what they want. And in a format and through a system that distributes this knowledge to every talent and team empowering them to make their own decisions in their interactions with the customer. All in real-time.