A quick PSA for those afraid to get the COVID vaccine as cases spike. This is not directed toward those who stubbornly deny medical science, but people with actual concerns about the safety of the vaccine. If you’re not sure whether to trust the mountains of data supporting the value of the vaccine, how about a personal testimonial?

I got the Pfizer vaccine roughly six months ago. In that six-month span I’ve had no ill effects after the first day or so of flu-like symptoms. It’s safe. It’s easy. It will save your life and the lives of those you love. Just get the shot and let’s go back to normal. I even have a Monday morning playlist for you as you…




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Paul Combs

Paul Combs

Writer, bookseller, would-be roadie for the E Street Band. My ultimate goal is to make books as popular in Texas as high school football...it may take a while.

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