An award is a reward by ‘Medium’ for recognition of creativity.

I have been given the status of the top writer in poetry. I am thankful to the Medium Platform. It has honored me and I am delighted and grateful for the recognition.

Medium is a great place to work and I have made so many friends on this platform. I appreciate the talent of the writers and read at least 30 blogs everyday.

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The take-aways:
1. Work hard and with passion in whichever field you select.
2. Experiment on doing new things in life in which you have an interest but did not have time to do so earlier.
3. Be creative and keep on being innovative in your work.
4. Work consistently every day, introspect, and improve.
5. Work with passion.
You sowed flowers, now, take out the weeds and fertilize the future. Spread happiness.




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Dr. Preeti Singh

Dr. Preeti Singh

Doctorate in Finance, Professor, Author, I write about Life’s experiences, edutech. 7xTop writer.

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