Anybody have a story that earned $60 in a 30-day span and is willing to let me analyze it? I’m working on a piece that shows Medium writers the path to earning $1,000 per month on the platform consistently. Learning to write $60 stories is the premise. I have a couple of my own I will include, but would prefer to have several others.

I am not looking for anything way over the $60 mark. It can be a story that eventually earned more, but I’m looking specifically at the first 30 days of earnings.

Drop me a link if you have a story that meets the criteria. Please don’t be an a-hole by dropping worthless links. I’ll ask for a screenshot of the real deal and delete all other links.

Thanks for your help.




Everything Shortform is a publication for Medium stories 150 words and less. Rapid reads to capture your attention and direct it towards further reading or short expressions readers can gulp down in one bite. Use Everything Shortform to get your point across quickly.

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Melinda Crow

Melinda Crow

30-year freelancer. Found on: Newsweek, Cruise Critic, MSN Travel. Writer’s Toolkit weekly series on The Writing Cooperative

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