Cryptocurrency is having a massive fire sale, and only a few are interested!

Think about it. If you bought these coins at or near their all-time high (ATH), now is your chance to lower the average price by buying small amounts at much reduced prices.

1. — BTC is down 71.51% from its ATH of $68,789.63

2. — ETH 78.07% from $4,891.70

3. — BNB 67.65% from $690.93

4. — XRP 91.75% from $3.84

5. — Cardano (ADA) 85.23% from $3.10

You get the idea. If you bought 1000 ADA at $3.10 it cost $3,100. Today it…



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Stephen Dalton

Stephen Dalton


Stephen Dalton is a retired US Army First Sergeant with a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland. Top Writer in Investing, VR, and Short Story!