Darius Butkeviciusmicro-fiction Sleeping Beauty impacted my life, perhaps forever. His Sleeping Beauty was an opioid addict in an overdose induced coma. Her story resonated with me because I see all addiction as an attempt to soothe the self, a response to traumas overt or repressed. When Darius Butkevicius and I had a chit-chat in the comments, he recommended Dr. Gabor Maté. After finding the psychiatrist on YouTube I listened for hours.

Naturally, having found a treasure, my next impulse was wanting to share Dr. Gabor Maté, with everyone! Here’s one of many interviews to get you started:




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Stories from my life journey. Money. Religion. Sexuality. Kids. Therapy. Books. Writing and Novel writing. Being Human in Our World. In no particular order.

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