Dentist: Hey child, you eat a lot of chocolates, right?

Son: Yes of course. Everyone knows I eat chocolates. Is that what you found out?

Dentist: Hmm, you should stop eating chocolates.

Son: Then what else am I supposed to eat? Toothpaste? Are you even a real dentist?

Dentist (to Dad): Why is he talking like this?

Dad (to son): Hey shut up. Just listen to the doctor.

Son: You shut up. You are the one who buys me stupid chocolates. Are you trying to play the good boy now? If you hadn’t bought me chocolates, you wouldn’t have…



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Pretheesh Presannan

Pretheesh Presannan

Panic Attack Survivor. Just writing. Plays cricket. Design&Develop. You can find short stories, poems, humor, and nonfiction here. Gmail: