Hamilton’s genius theme song, My Shot took a year to write and Todd Brison can tell you all about it. 365 days! Lin Manuel Miranda spent a year writing one song, then seven years completing the musical. The result was phenomenal, unforgettable, inspirational - and a blockbuster.

Helen Cassidy Page writes about persevering as a creative. To Succeed As A Writer, First Be A Mother | by Helen Cassidy Page | SYNERGY | Feb, 2021 | Medium

Mother (or father) or Whatever Metaphor Moves You, your work is your baby. Don’t rush devotion. Because your finish line is dictated by the thing you are trying to create, not the clock. It’s never…


Everything Shortform is a publication for Medium stories 150 words and less. Rapid reads to capture your attention and direct it towards further reading or short expressions readers can gulp down in one bite. Use Everything Shortform to get your point across quickly.

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Ex-Doctor, Ex-Catholic, Ex-Muslim. Climate Worrier & Wannabe Climate Warrior. Novelist. Human. Label resistant. https://thefriendlyradicalnextdoor.substack.com/