I just published post number #200 on here and 26 are currently under distribution. How did that happen?

I published my first 5 posts in August 2019 and then proceeded to forget Medium exists. When I started questioning my gender in February, I jumped back on here to use writing to learn and explore my own experience.

I published 4 posts in February 2021 and only 1 in June. In August, I published 7 posts. In September, I published 55 posts. So that brings us to October 2021. I’ve published 128 posts and it’s only the 24th. It will be 129 once this one is live and I have 5 currently submitted to various publications.




Everything Shortform is a publication for Medium stories 150 words and less. Rapid reads to capture your attention and direct it towards further reading or short expressions readers can gulp down in one bite. Use Everything Shortform to get your point across quickly.

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🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈(They/Them) LGBTQ2SIA+ WRITER (romance & para sci-fi/fantasy). Space nerd🚀 Neurodivergent🧠 On a journey of words and self-discovery. Come play!

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